Monday, March 18, 2013

Man Mondays - Tipping: Why&How

Last week we went to a Speakeasy themed event at the Flying Bridge (great views by the way). The evening was bitter cold but thankfully we had complimentary valet (thanks Atlantic)! The event itself was under their heated tent so we enjoyed the entertainment quiet comfortably. 

As we were leaving, we were greeted by a valet attendant near the elevator. The young lad asked for our ticket and immediately called to the street level attendants. We literally walked out the door and our car was waiting. This efficiency made me reach into my wallet for a few additional singles to tip these gentlemen to show my gratitude and appreciation for excellent customer service. 

I believe tipping isn’t just about shelling out a “standard” amount. Your situation and experience should drive your decision for what kind, how much, and how you will tip your vendors. Use the “standards” as a guideline but ultimately, your tip should be commensurate with your level of satisfaction. 

Don't feel comfortable giving cash? How about a gift certificate to the vendor's favorite restaurant? Or a hand selected gift basket.
~ JB

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