Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NYC Flower Expo 2013 - Ranunculus

Last week I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to attend the NYC Flower Expo. Unlike the Flower Shows, this is not about floral installations. This is all about what different farms are producing and new strands that are hitting the market. I got the chance to chat with most of these suppliers as well as check out their main products and I think I might have fallen in love with a few new flowers. I snapped pictures to a) share with all of you and b) to provide my wholesalers with photographic evidence that these flowers are in fact available and I'm not making anything crazy up :)

With so many beautiful items I decided to break these posts up into four days: ranunculus today, roses tomorrow, my favorite booth (it deserves it's own post) on Thursday, and misc arrangements on Friday. Today we're checking out these gorgeous ranunculus - what's your favorite? Because I can't choose....

And oh yea - we are calling ranunculus the new IT wedding flower (you heard it first at Studio DBI!). Peonies and garden roses have spotlighted the wedding trend for quiet sometime but these little ruffly suckers are quickly becoming supreme. 

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