Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Kids' Table

There will always be kids at weddings, and they will never cease to entertain the other guests.  But what happens when the kids are bored themselves?  Here’s a few suggestions to ensure that when they aren’t entertaining the other guests, they’re busy with something else!

Coloring: If your color scheme allows for it, give each place a brown paper placemat, or even cover the whole table in a large square it.  A larger placemat ensures linens won’t be covered in crayon, and the concept works for kids of all ages.  While brown doesn’t match everything, an assortment of coloring books works just as well.

Bubbles: Any reception with a patio or even one that is outside, calls for bubbles.  Weather permitting; these are another ageless activity for kids to entertain themselves.

Goodie Bags: They can be filled with gifts and activities tailored to the specific mini-guest.  If the table doesn’t know each other, or if their ages span too many years, this works splendidly.  The bags can be decorated with guest-specific activities, and since younger guests may tire of an item quickly, the rule of thumb would be to include as many items as you feel necessary.

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