Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We'll Take a Nomination Please

The past few months have been crazy with engagement season and while we try to stay afloat with all the industry happenings sometimes it gets a bit nuts and impossible. One big happening that we missed took place a few weeks ago - The Chesapeake Bridal Awards. While some of our favorite vendors were nominated, campaigned, and even placed top 3 DBI watched from the sidelines, voting for some of our faves (somehow didn't even think of participating). However, yesterday we received an email letting us know that we were actually nominated! Who knew? We want to thank you, the person(s) who nominated us, for making our day. It was a totally unexpected surprise and a great way to kick off this week. And we even got a badge to show for it :) so a big thank you.

Maybe next year we'll go for the gold!

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