Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bridesmaids Gifts

On Wednesday we like to bring you some unique ideas for your wedding day. This past weekend we met with a client who asked her bridesmaids to take on the responsibility by putting together a gift box. The idea was so cute we had to share! In her version she bought wooden boxes and placed the first letter of each bridesmaids' name on the top lid and on the inside lid it said "Will you be my bridesmaid?". The box contained everything her ladies needed to be prepared for the big day - dress color swatches, small gifts and trinkets, as well as info of date, location, etc. With your bridesmaids taking on so many responsibilities and spending a good amount of $$ to make your experience a fab one it is nice to show them that you care and what better way then with a gift box?? Below are a few examples of this great idea:

How cute are these mini suitcase gift boxes? Girly, thoughtful, and original!

The shape of these boxes are to die for and we love the matching jewelry!

This box is a great DIY project - you can customize through staining, painting, and glue gunning it! Perfect for a rustic, outdoor wedding.

As we always say - be nice to your bridesmaids!

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