Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sustainable Succulents

This fall we had several weddings where our clients requested succulents. At DBI we strongly believe in recycling and being good to our community. We urged our brides with succulents in their bouquets to replant them after the wedding and where we could keep the succulents in their original pots we did. Now that winter is quickly approaching we want to salvage our variety of succulents so we replanted them until we need them for the next wedding. Not only will they be healthier in new soil but we'll be able to produce new baby succulents! This was a very easy project - we took a plain white planter from Home Depot and spray painted with a rich lagoon color that compliments the cool shades of the succulents. We then took the succulents out of their original containers and placed them in this huge planter. We need to make two more of these planters to fit the rest of the succulents but we're off to a great start!

Oh - and did we mention they look great in our office! Multi-purpose as always :)

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