Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ginger Root Design's Sustainability

Hi readers - today we are SOOOOO excited to be sharing with you some amazing work by a local DC design team of Ginger Root Design. These gals not only create insane goodies but their focus is on revamping. Owners Kristen and Erin repurpose various items and show all of us that repurposed can be chic! Their store on U St NW DC is a must for anyone looking for something unique and tailored. When I went inside the store I immediately noticed lady ties. Kristen explained me that these awesome accessories are made from old men's ties - amazing.

You also now don't have to be in the DC area to get their pieces - they just launched their online store! Click here to check it out!

We were lucky enough to have Kristen share with us photos from her wedding and as you can see the talent of Ginger Root Design is insane. Kristen made mini lady ties for her bridesmaids (and the ladies matched their shoe color to their appropriate ties!!! How clever!), all made from damaged men's ties. She then found vintage dresses for all the ladies and tied the dresses together by adding accent black stripes. The vest on the men are also revamped and tailored. Check out the stunning photos below (photography by Tiffany Bolk):

Please check out this DC-based business and support! Image your bridesmaids all wearing their own lady tie - what a unique detail!

Ginger Root Design

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  1. Blogger is being lame and not showing the address for their shop! Here's the info:

    Ginger Root Design
    1530 U Street NW Basement
    Phone: 202-567-7668