Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY Tuesday: Upcycled Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

We love Mason Jars and have used them for lots of weddings lately! But they're also perfect for tons of uses around the house.

Here's a simple idea via Country Living for upcycling any glass jar into a pretty soap dispenser.

It's as easy as these three steps:
1) Mark the center of the jar's lid.
2) Drill a hole approximately half an inch wide on the marked spot.
3) Fill the jar with liquid soap and insert a soap dispenser pump into the lid and trim it if needed.

Here's a resource for buying soap dispenser pumps in a variety of finishes. But you can also just use one from an old soap dispenser.

Looking for ways to add a little color to a clear jar's finish? Here's some tips for making jars antique blue or white.

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