Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Buffet vs Reception Style

Wedding Wednesday is back after a short hiatus, and this week we’re discussing the pros and cons of buffet and reception (sit-down) style weddings. 

Buffet Style receptions are generally considered to have a more casual feel.

- Typically less expensive because less servers and dishes are required
- Guests are able to move around and interact with each other
- The food is always hot
- Guests can chose what they want to eat

- The dreaded line!
- Takes up a lot of space
- The gorgeous food displays aren’t quite as pretty once guests start making their   
   way down the buffet table

Like the laid back feel of buffet, but don’t want your guest to wait in a long line to eat? Consider stations.  Stations allow you to offer a variety of foods without the huge long lines because they can be spread out around the venue.  

Sit-Down receptions are considered to be more formal.

- All guests eat at the same time
- Activities, such as speeches and dances, can be spread out between courses
- Takes up less space within the venue
- Guests can sit back and relax while they are served

- Can feel stuffy
- Costs more because of the additional catering staff needed to plate and serve the    
- Guests are “stuck” at their tables

Even a sit-down reception has alternatives.  Plated or Family Style?  A plated dinner is more elegant, and will allow every guest at the table to eat at the exact time.  Family style can be more casual and efficient.  However, it requires more space on the table and can actually cost more because of the additional platters (and sometimes more food!) needed.

Your reception should reflect you and your style. Consider the tone of your wedding, and compare all pricing differences with your caterer to find the perfect style for your big day. 

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