Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - 5 Tips for Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

This week on Wedding Wednesday we address how to choose a perfect dress for your bridesmaids. Bridesmaid dresses are not just a side note; use them to tie different elements of your wedding together.  Keep reading for five tips to picking out a dress that you and your ladies will love.

1.  The bridesmaids’ dress should compliment your wedding gown and fit the theme of your wedding.  The dress should not overshadow your gown, but the should have a similar feel.

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2.  Be mindful of your wedding party’s budget.  The average cost of a bridesmaid dress costs in the neighborhood of $200.  Not to mention alterations, shoes, and undergarments to go with it.  If you fall for a dress that’s well over their budget, consider paying the difference.

3.  No two bridesmaids are alike.  Try to find a style that flatters different shapes and sizes.  Try an a-line or empire waist style, which are flattering on most body types.  Or consider picking a fabric, and let your bridesmaids choose a style that fits them best.

4.  Pick a color that compliments most complexions.  Pale yellow and bright pink do not look good on everyone!  Consider your crew’s complexion and even hair color when selecting a hue for the dresses.

5.  Choose an appropriate style for the occasion.  You expect your gals to dance the night away, so choose a style that they can do so in comfortably. 

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