Thursday, August 28, 2014

Midlane Farm, Louisville KY

This past 4th of July, we spent some relaxation time at Midlane Farm in Louisville, KY. This lovely property is owned by Chas+Kim, who are not only the sweetest but do an amazing job maintaining this beautiful property.

As we chatted with them, we found out that they recently have opened up this amazing space to weddings and no lie - I wish they were closer to our DC office. The property is history, natural, and offers so many different possibilities. No two weddings have to be alike, because options for the ceremony backdrop are endless and so are the options for reception setup. This farm also lends itself to anything from elegant garden receptions to rustic, layback celebrations. 

Below are some pics we snapped while relaxing in this peaceful place:

And here are some additionals we grabbed from the web - from a former smokehouse covered in vines, to the 1820s original stone house, to the many stunning trees perfect for lantern suspension, your photo ops are limitless.

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