Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - 5 Essentials for Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

This Wedding Wednesday we are listing out some wedding emergency kit essentials.  While your emergency kit will no doubt include a plethora of items you hopefully won’t need, but probably will, we’ve narrowed down the 5 items that should absolutely positively be included.

1.  Small Travel Sewing Kit (includes needles, thread, safety pins)

2.  Band Aids

3.  Mints  (not gum!)

4.  Deodorant
     Go for a clear solid or small travel aerosol spray, it’ll make it easy
     to freshen up without getting all over your dress

5.  Fashion Tape
     This magical invention can be used to keep a dress from slipping
     or fix a hem in a pinch

Runner Up
Straws! So you can stay hydrated without worrying about messing your lipstick or spilling on your dress.

** Items such as lipstick, powder/blotting squares, and bobby pins should be put in your clutch or in the hands of your maid of honor for easy access during photos and throughout the day.

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