Tuesday, August 5, 2014

LA Tuesdays with Yeah! Rentals

There are many vendors one must go through when booking an event based on the specific brand or theme being represented. Something any planner will see quickly in the LA market is that when it comes to furniture and décor rentals, the range of options is daunting for some but exciting for me!

Yeah! Rentals, located in my quaint neighborhood of Atwater Village on the Eastside of Los Angeles, is an immediate stand-out. Self described as a “furniture and props rental house specializing in mid century modern, industrial and cosmic  southwestern design,” I think you can clearly get a taste that this isn’t your normal rental company.


                Teal bend farmhouse wire chair.              Yeah! Hoop Chair                           Acapulco Chairs
(Photo Credit: http://www.yeahrentals.com/la/chairs.html)

(Photo Credit: http://www.yeahrentals.com/la/lounge.html)

              Geometric Table Walnut Cube Coffee Tables
(Photo Credit: http://www.yeahrentals.com/la/tables.html)

Various Poufs.
(Photo Credit: http://www.yeahrentals.com/la/accessories.html)

After checking out the Yeah! Rentals’ workspace and witnessing the collective of artists in an atmosphere that inspires creativity, I really started to understand the vision of owner, Michael Antonia. Not only has Michael accumulated a mass amount of props, pieces of furniture and art, and accessories throughout many years of working in the event business which now make up Yeah!’s inventory (and is always being added to of course), he is also the founding member of The Flashdance.

The Flashdance is an artistic collective that offers a whole package of options for your events including: The Flashdance (DJ services), Our Labor of Love Photography, Shark Pig Videography, Smile Booth Photobooth, as well as Yeah! Rentals.

Based out of both Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Yeah! Rentals team goes out of their way to work within your budget and deck out your event in style. Whether an event, commercial or just home staging, make sure to check out http://yeahrentals.com/la/ and http://www.theflashdance.com/index.cfm to see all of their incredible furniture options!

Atwater Village, CA
P: 323.522.3843
E: yeah@yeahrentals.com

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