Tuesday, August 19, 2014

LA Tuesdays with Shaken Knot Stirred

There are a few “usuals” people always talk about when it comes to a good party….the top two hands down: music and booze! Whereas the industry offers a wide array of deejays and bands that are excellent for different reasons based on the clientel’s favorite genre, a good bartender must consistently provide established cocktails that have been around for decades without variation as well as inventing their own signature cocktails that need to be universally delicious.

Shaken Knot Stirred knows the meaning behind quality cocktails whether old or new. Co-Owners, Vartan Naldjian and James Ingram, having worked in the service industry for years, know what it takes to produce stellar service (not to mention all of the bartenders are dreamy, shhhhhhhh! I didn’t say that!) that is stress free for both the client and the guests. Whether they arrive to a perfectly set up station or need to whip up a miracle last minute, they pride themselves in the high standards that surround their quickly growing business.

So let’s get serious and talk MIXOLOGY people! If you need someone to pour a drink, sure…they can do it like pros but if you need someone to invent a specialty cocktail for your event on top of the regular duties, the Shaken Knot Stirred team will surely impress your guests’ taste buds.

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Contact the SKS team to discuss their event packages including the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond options. Each option allows for “well” alcohol, “premium” alcohol, or “Top Shelf” alcohol at varying prices.


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