Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Etiquette Wrap Up

Wedding Etiquette Q&A 

This week on Wedding Wednesday we present the final installation of this round of wedding etiquette Q&A.

Question #5
My fiancé and I want a kid-free wedding.  How do we let our guests know that their children are not invited?

Having a kid-free wedding is completely understandable.  You’ve spent months and months planning your day to perfection, and it only takes one tantrum by a toddler . . . . . and it’s gone.  Gosh forbid said tantrum takes place during your vows!  Maybe you feel that weddings are adult affairs; perhaps you don’t want to pay $90 for a plate of chicken fingers that won’t even be touched.  Whatever your reason for not wanting children at your wedding, be prepared for some criticism.  Most of your guests will agree with you (yes, even those with kiddos!), but there will be a handful of guest that cannot imagine attending a family event without their children.  Here are some suggestions to kindly let your guest know that your wedding will be a kid-fee zone.

Include the term  “Adult Reception” on your invitations or RSVP cards, and address the invites to the parents only.

Provide child care options on your wedding website with links to babysitting services or other childcare options.  Most hotels will be able to provide you with services or contact info.  Consider offering a communal babysitter(s) at a family member’s house, for those out of town guests that are uncomfortable leaving their child at home.

Pick up the phone and call any guest that may have a tough time understanding why their child is not invited.  

Question #6
Who should be invited to attend the rehearsal dinner?

The easy answer to this is: everyone involved with the wedding and his or her significant other.  If your rehearsal dinner is on the eve of your wedding, it’s common to invite out of town guests, as well.  It’s entirely up to you!  If you want a more intimate affair for personal or monetary reasons, it’s perfectly acceptable not to include all out of town guest. 

* As a good hostess, you should offer up activity ideas for out of town guests, so that they do not feel stranded at their hotel.  An impromptu cocktail party in the hotel bar or suggestions of great nearby restaurants are nice ideas.

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