Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Etiquette

Wedding Planning Etiquette – Part Deux

Today on Wedding Wednesday, we continue with some more wedding etiquette Q&A.

Question #4
Do we need a seating chart for the reception?  Why not let guest sit where they’d like?

Assigned seating for your wedding reception, in my mind, is a wedding etiquette must.  If you plan on serving plated meals with entrée choices, then assigned tables are needed for the caterer.  Yet, regardless of the formality of your reception, having a seating chart ensures that couples that want to sit together can, and it eliminates potential chaos of your guests racing for seats at the “perfect table”.   Case and point:  Recently, I was a guest at a wedding that had free for all seating for the reception.  It made sense, being that the dinner was buffet style.  Our crew of 8 people lagged a little bit too long after cocktail hour, so by the time we entered the dinner reception there were no tables that could accommodate our entire group.  No worries!  We made room.  Quickly commandeering extra chairs and a few random place settings (borrowed from neighboring tables), a gorgeous strategically decorated 10-top became a crowded sloppy looking table for 14.  No big deal to some, but I was cringing on the inside!

Having assigned tables is easier for guests.  People like to be guided in these situations.  Assigned tables will eliminate drama, and you’ll find that your guests will be seated quicker. After all, you don’t your sweet aunt wandering around with a plate of food because a tipsy groomsman took her seat while she was at the build your own taco station.

Think that putting together a seating chart, will only add to your stress levels?  Think again!  There are some great websites and templates that make putting together the seating chart a piece of cake.

Wedding Wire   
Bride to Do
Google Weddings            

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