Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Allergies? Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

As we hit peak allergy season we at DBI are more and more conscious with our flower selections. If you have allergies make sure to mention this to your florist so that s/he can choose the right flowers for you. For a quick guide of different allergy prone and safe flowers see below:

Allergy Prone (high pollen) Flowers:
Oriental lilies, gardenias, freesia, stephanotis, daisies, mums, stock, sunflowers, jasmine vine, and baby's breath.

Allergy Safe Flowers: 
Orchids, hydrangeas, most roses, ranunculus, tulips, carnations, iris, snapdragons, hypericum, zinnias, birds of paradise, dusty miller, azalea, and viburnum.

For outdoor ceremonies, it's also good to find out when the grass will be cut. Request that it is no later than 3-4 days before the wedding, to avoid activating allergies caused by freshly cut grass (your guests will appreciate it).

Yay for good weather!

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