Monday, March 4, 2013

Springtime Florals

March is here, and we’re looking for spring to hurry on up!  While the temperatures are slowly climbing (and sometimes going back to the low thirties), crocuses are starting to pop up near trees all over town.  It’s one of those first signs that winter is coming to a close.  Crocuses, orchids and tulips are some popular flowers for Easter, Passover and general springtime cheer. 

If you’re lucky enough to have some growing nearby, replant some in a short pot or bed, and have it grow in a well-lit room.  Watch out for allergies!  They have strong pollen, which can irritate the skin and eyes.

Orchids are stunning, but require extra care.  You can pick them up at grocery stores already planted and budding.  No matter how you water or care for them, the end result is a beautiful flower that can last well through the summer (I’ve seen some last over a year!).

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