Friday, February 24, 2012

Event Design vs Planning

In the past month I have been asked over and over by clients what is the difference between Event Design and Event Planning so I thought I'd write about it to clear the air.

The basic difference is event design is creative and planning is logistics. However, event design packages can also include day-of or full planning due to the nature of this service. This is where people get confused so I'll clarify:
Event design can be as simple as providing a client with an outline of the overall event theme/look - including color choices, space layout, decor elements (flowers, lighting, draping), food presentation - basically this is a consulting service only (you're basically hiring an architect to for your event).
OR event design can include everything from blueprints to execution (architect + contractors). This includes the design, hiring all vendors (florists, lighting, draping), following up with vendors, and managing setup/breakdown on the day of the event. As you can see, this keeps the event designer involved in almost all of the aspects of your event. This is why for our full event design packages we include day-of coordinating so that there is one point of contact for all moving elements (venue, dj, decor, food, people), even if it's not decor related. Now while a planner can do all of the vendor management, in most cases they cannot create or execute the design (curator vs. the artist).

And it all goes back to your needs:
- If you have already have a vision and you're looking for someone to manage/hire all the vendors executing your vision you need a planner (or day-of coordinator).
- If you are a diy gal but want someone to design the look for you (sometimes it's hard to visualize all of the elements even if you are crafty) you might need a simple design consultation to create an outline/bring in all of the ideas.
- If you are looking for someone to design your look and execute on the design but you have an (on-site) day of coordinator who'll be handling your timeline, caterer, photographer, and additional non-decor elements you'll need an event design and execution package (this doesn't include day-of or planning as you already hired someone to do this).
- If you want someone to handle everything wedding-related from designing your vision to managing/hire all vendors you will need to book a designer who also has someone on the team who does day-of or full planning. And from a financial stand - a package of event design + planning will always be cheaper than purchasing the two separately.

I hope that this has cleared the air and not brought on more confusion.

We offer all of the above options (check on our website next week for the full breakdown of these packages) and if you're looking for just planning or day-of coordinators we have some great recommendations.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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