Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Sunset Inspiration


It's summer, and though it's far too hot here in DC, you can see some pretty beautiful sunsets if you're willing to endure the heat! After doing a wedding last weekend with lots of gorgeous orange flowers, we're feeling inspired by sunset oranges and their perfect compliment- dramatic blues.

If you're aiming for some really bold contrasts, try a colbalt blue container with a either bright yellow-orange or deep red-orange flowers.

The blue glasses here serve as a great accent to the orange dahlias. This look is fairly simple, but the color combination gives it some interest.

For something a little softer, here's some ideas for just how well a tangerine orange and a sea blue can work together.

The idea of colored candles and colored candle holders may seem like a bit much, but here it serves as a great focal point when contrasted against the simple white linens.

For bouquets and centerpieces, the key to keeping this look interesting is to use a variety of oranges, from the lighter, more yellowy oranges, to the deeper, almost red oranges. This spectrum of colors echoes the subtle color differences in a real sunset.

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