Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tradition Thursday: Heirloom Wedding Gowns

Little girls often dream of wearing their mother or grandmother's wedding dress someday, only to realize once they're actually engaged that the dress isn't quite what they'd imagined, whether it's completely out of style or just damaged from time.

Here's a collection of brides who pulled off wearing the family dress with style! They weren't afraid to customize the dress to their taste, but honored their relative's dress by making it part of their wedding day. Maybe these will inspire you to reconsider mom's poofy sleeved, 1970s dress...

This bride wore a dress worn previously by both her mother and aunt. She changed up the sleeves and also included lace from her grandmother's dress.

This bride transformed her mother's 1980s wedding dress into a modern, tea length dress. She removed the neck and reversed the dress so the buttons on the back would instead be on the front, created a more slim silhouette and changed up the sleeves. The result was a one-of-a kind dress!

And though most of this bride's dress was new, she had the single strap created from lace from her mother's dress, a subtle reminder of her mom's gown.

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