Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DIY Tuesday: Hanging Accordion Paper Decorations

You've probably seen these accordion paper decorations all over the place lately. They've become quite popular for wedding and party decor and are a fun, simple DIY project for any event.

With the help of neighbors and friends, we made ton of them for my whimsical, vintage wedding in February, as pictured above. So today, we're teaching you how to make them!

Supplies Needed:
-4 Scrapbook Paper squares
-A piece of thin cardboard cut to 1" wide
-Bone Folder (used to score and fold paper; available at craft stores)
-Glue Stick

Step 1:
Cut scrapbook paper into four 6 x 6" squares. We used four different papers, but you could make all four squares from the same paper.

Step 2:
Align the piece of cardboard with the left edge of one square that has been turned over so the back side is showing. Score the paper against the right edge of the cardboard with the bone folder. Fold the paper over the cardboard on the line you just created. Then do a final smooth down of the line with the bone folder.

Step 3:
Repeat this step for the whole sheet of paper. Then, repeat for each of the remaining three squares.

Step 4:
Fold each "accordioned" square in half. Go over this fold with the bone folder, If the open (not folded) edge doesn't match up completely, trim the edge so it's even. You'll now have four completely folded squares.

Step 5:
Each square will look like a V-shape. Glue the two inner sections of the "V" together. This will create a fan-shape. Repeat with the remaining three.

Step 6:
Glue the right edge of one fan to the left edge of another. This will create a half-circle. Repeat with the other two. Glue the two half-circles together. When compressed, this will look like four layered folds. When opened, it will look like a full circle with two edges that still need to be glued together. Glue these edges together. Add a string to the back with glue or tape and your hanging decoration is complete!

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