Monday, July 11, 2011

A Bouquet Alternative - shocker!

It's Monday already?? We spent a good portion of the weekend doing wedding related stuff - bridal gown shopping for our dear friend Jamie, shopping around and buying pretty aisle stands, designed arrangements, and visiting venues for upcoming weddings. Good thing I love doing this because that was a packed weekend!!

One idea we came across this weekend that I absolutely had to share was an alternative to a bouquet. I know I know, we work with flowers so how can we possibly be suggesting anything but? Well, we are an event design/decor company so we can give you what you want! And if you are looking for a casual, fun, and summary alternative to a floral bouquet how about using pinwheels?? These fun nostalgic elements can be a great way to incorporate your wedding colors and an interesting way to bring in a unique element (thinking monograms, lyrics, vows, etc). Check out some fun images of pinwheels used as wedding party accessories!

And if you want a bit of the pinwheel without giving up the flowers - how about incorporating mini pinwheels in your bouquet, adding a bit of whimsy.

And the best part about these pinwheels? They make a great keepsake.

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  1. what great fun and whimsy. especially combined with the floral bouquet and on the gentleman's lapel. it's a nice unexpected touch.