Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wedding Wednesday - Engagement Photos

Many couples go back and forth about taking engagement photos - is it worth the extra cost? Extra time? Do we really need engagement photos? We say yes - it's worth doing the engagement session and here's why:

Getting to know your photographer - unless you've hired someone you know well (who's also a professional photographer - not just a friend with a camera), it'll take some time getting used to your photographer (and vice versa). The engagement session will help the photographer understand your personality and how to best shoot you and what cues to give.
Getting comfortable in front of the camera - unless both of you are models/actors/used to being in front of a camera, it will take some getting used to feeling comfortable being in front of the camera and taking cues. The engagement photos will help you better understand your angles and be prepared for the big day.
Bonus - you get awesome photos you can share with family and friends, or just keep for yourselves.

Images: Jessica Latos Photography

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