Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wedding Wednesday - Consider Your Pets

If you're considering including your 4-legged friends/family in your wedding ceremony, you need to take a few things into account.

Venue: is your venue pet-friendly? Is there someone your doggy can hang out before and after the ceremony?
Responsible Party: just like you'll be hiring a wedding coordinator/planner to take care of everything on the big day so you can just relax, you'll need to designate someone as the responsible party for your furry friend. Your dog might get nervous and have an accident or need to be walked - who's taking care of this while you're getting in your dress/tux? And if your reception is going late, who'll take the little (or big) guy out?
Excitement Levels: just like kids, animals are unpredictable, especially in large crowds. Be prepared that your pet might not cooperate and have a back up plan (e.g. responsible party grabbing the pet in case he/she starts running in the opposite direction).
Dress Code: just like the rest of the family members, with their boutonnieres or posies, consider getting a little something for your pet. A bout for the collar or a little flower collar are always a nice touch.

Images: Audra Wrisley

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