Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wedding Planner as Your Advocate

It goes without saying but if you're planning a wedding, you should really consider a month-of coordinator at a minimum. Weddings are detailed and unless you've planned one before, chances are there are many things you just don't know because you've never had to think about them. When hiring a wedding planner or a month-of coordinator, look for someone who's ready to be your advocate. Your planner should be proactive about getting you better deals and fight for you when a vendor pushes back.

So how do you know if your potential coordinator/planner will fight for you? Ask them hypotheticals (unless you already have a brewing issue - e.g. a dj is being pushy about doing certain traditional things, such as parent dances) and see how they would handle these situations. Don't be afraid to bring up your planning concerns at your initial meeting and see what that planner suggests. If the answers are passive, red flag. Also ask what their relationship is with their referred vendors. Some planners get kick-backs or commission from specific vendors - avoid those planners. They are not sending you to vendors that are the right fit for you - it's the right fit for their wallet. You're already paying them a fee, which should automatically include being honest and doing what's best for you and your wedding.

This is one of the qualities that makes our team standout. If you talk to any of our past planning clients, they'll say we've gone above and beyond and fought for them the entire time. We listen to our clients needs/priorities and make sure all other vendors address these. Whether a vendor adds on "extra" fees that we know can be removed or a caterer is swaying a layout that is convenient for them but not necessarily for the flow of your dream event, we step in. We look at every wedding as if our brother/sister/best friend were getting married, so we're always on the lookout for the best deal, best fit, and best decisions for you and your priorities.

Image: Rachael Foster Photography

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