Tuesday, July 22, 2014

LA Tuesdays - 440 Seaton

One thing we know as residents of a city that is littered with movie studios is that we have the ability to play make believe even if we are not physically on one of those lots. Frankly, the more money someone has, the higher the possibilities, as this is the case with most things in life. In a Hollywood blockbuster, the set decorator is crutial in making sure that the storyline is supported by the background and surroundings for the main characters. Same concept, different line of work….

An event planner gives a client options to make their own personal story come to life. And when the canvas is a blank slate, people like myself want to do cartwheels because we know just how creative we can allow ourselves to go.

The 440 Seaton venue is just that! A blank canvas ready to be transformed into whatever your heart desires. This 100 year old, urban warehouse in the middle of the Downtown Los Angeles Art District, has soaring 50 feet ceilings, industrial concrete floors, exposed brick and a one-of-a-kind entry way into this grand space through an old-school wooden elevator. Mainly used thus far for production shoots, the 10,000 square foot space can accommodate up to 1,700 standing guests, as well as 1,400 chair seated and a 600 table seating capacity. Although large, it can always feel as intimate as a 40-person venue if you chose the correct décor.

The personal touches that a designer can go wild with in this venue are vast – everything from creative lighting ideas, to oversized hanging flower wreaths or chandeliers, to endless furniture options. Depending on the color scheme or the brand, 440 Seaton can be transformed into an elegant, all white affair or a darker, romantic space as well. There are even means to bring large items such as cars into the space for display. Its totally up to you! 

Contact: 440 SEATON
440 Seaton Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90013
P: 415.250.2908

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