Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Wedding Dress Mishaps & Solutions

Sometimes they can’t be avoided.  No matter how careful you’ve been with your wedding gown, you need to be prepared for potential wedding dress messes.  This week we’re covering some common wedding day mishaps, and quick emergency fixes.  We’ve also included some must have items to add to your wedding day emergency kit.  Think like a Boy Scout,  “Always Be Prepared”.

You’ve got a stain on your dress!
Let me preface this section by begging you to please, please, please avoid having potential stain culprits anywhere in or near the vicinity of your dress while you get ready.  Sip on champagne, not red wine, and don’t even allow nail polish in your get ready room.   Should something terrible happen, like a flying tube of lipstick lands on your dress, remain calm and first determine how noticeable the stain is.  Sometimes it’s best to leave it alone.  However, if it’s really bad, here are some emergency stain removal solutions.

Red Wine Stain
First dab (don’t rub!) the stain with a dry white cloth. Then pour a little bit of club soda over the stain and dab some more until the stain is gone. 

Make-Up/Lipstick Stain
Spray dry shampoo on the back of the stain, and blot with a paper towel or white cloth.

Oil Based Stain
Use baby powder to help absorb the stain and blot with a  white cloth.

Chalk, talcum powder, baby powder, or white toothpaste can be used to help disguise stains.  Take heed that emergency solvents may discolor fabric, so always test an unseen portion of the fabric first!

The Zipper Is Stuck!
If the zipper gets stuck on it’s tracks, rub a waxy substance like a candle or bar of soap along the zipper teeth.   Gently try to move the zipper back up or down – do not yank!

Should the zipper get caught on the fabric, take the dress off and carefully free the fabric from the zipper.

Your Dress Is Too Loose
If that 6 week bridal boot camp plus a little added stress has your dress fitting a smidge too loose, do not freak out.  What’s important is to make sure the dress stays up on it’s own, so you are not constantly tugging on it throughout the day.

Turn the dress inside out and use safety pins to pin darts on the inside where they won’t be seen.  Once you have the dress back on, use double-sided fashion tape where needed for added support.

Bustle Blunders
WARNING Most dresses do not have a built in bustle.  Find out if your dress has one at the time of purchase.  If not, have your seamstress add it when she does any other alterations.  Many dresses, however, do come with a wrist loop; if not, one can be added as well.

Practice your bustle! Try the bustle at your final fitting to ensure it can hold.  Also, don’t wait until right before cocktail hour to have one of your bridesmaids figure out where the heck your bustle hooks are.  Show your maid-of-honor where the hooks and loops are before you get dressed, so that she can help you get bustled up quickly and right back to the party.

Should your bustle fall, use your wrist loop.  Depending on the type of fabric, safety pins can work in a pinch.  Contrary to what you may think, big heavy safety pins will work better than the tiny sized pins.  The little pins often won’t hold, and could potentially tear your gown.

Dress Related Emergency Kit Supplies
Clean White Cloth
Club Soda
White Toothpaste
Baby Powder
Dry Shampoo
Bar of Soap
Safety Pins (large and small)
Double-sided Fashion Tape (Hollywood Tape)

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