Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wedding Wednesday – Ceremony A/V Equipment

Ever been to a wedding where you had to strain in order hear the officiant, and could barely make out the bride and groom’s vows? It’s such a bummer, and definitely not an issue you want on your wedding day.  Although an integral part of a wedding ceremony, audio-visual set-up often gets overlooked and is not accounted for in the wedding budget.

Important things to consider:  

Where is your ceremony being held? 
If it’s outside on a beach or in a back yard, additional speakers will be needed.  Even if you think the back yard is peaceful and quiet, an unexpected gust of wind can blow your words away.

How many guests will be in attendance?
The larger the wedding the more speakers you will need, so that everyone can hear.

Will your ceremony involve any readings? 
Make sure that a microphone is available for the readers to use, whether it’s at a podium or a wireless mic.

Will the officiant wear a lapel mic or use a hand held?
If a lapel microphone is being used, consider an additional lapel mic for the groom.  The groom’s mic should pick up the bride’s voice, since she will be standing directly across from him.

Where are the electrical outlets?  
If they are oddly placed or non-existent, battery operated equipment will be needed.

Check first with your ceremony musicians/band/DJ regarding any necessary equipment.  Review the contract and confirm what A/V equipment, if any, is available.  Microphones and speakers are often provided, but at an additional cost. 

Don’t have ceremony musicians?  No worries.  There are plenty of sound equipment rental companies that can provide what you need, and may even include a sound technician in the package.  Also, check with your ceremony venue.  Most churches and hotels have in-house equipment you can use, for a fee.

The same goes for any video equipment needed for your video montage or slide show.  Check first with the vendors, you’ve already hired.  The equipment add-on may cost less then renting from a rental company, and they will handle the set up.

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