Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

Color Me Pretty

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Wedding

We’re already crushing on Pantone’s top colors for fall 2014.  Who wouldn’t with hot colors like Bright Cobalt and Sangria?  Long gone are the days of the standard white wedding, but with so many beautiful colors how do you choose your hue? 

PANTONE's Fall 2014 Color Trend

Consider Your Venue
Look down.  Many country clubs and hotels have patterned carpet that may clash with your ideal colors, or you can let what's already there help guide you.  Working with the décor of your venue can make your decorations pop instead of getting lost in the sea of fleur de lis.

Tis the Season
What’s in season?  Let nature lead the way.  Choosing floral arrangements that use in season blooms and colors, will not only save you denero, but it will make your wedding design look more cohesive with the season.

Go Shopping (sort of)
Visit a fabric or paint store.  This is an excellent way to put together your color palette.  Not only is it nice for you to view so many colors and shades in one lolo, but it’s super great if you can provide hands on samples of the colors you’ve narrowed down.  You may envision a light pink and green wedding, but to your florist or event designer, this can mean anything from Carnation Pink to Lavender Rose and Emerald to Moss Green.  Most big named paint companies have color wheels on their websites.  Here are a few websites that can guide you in your search for the perfect wedding colors. 

Get Inspired
Take a cue from our Inspiration Mondays.  Look around you for inspiration.  Beautiful color combinations don’t just come from flowers and fabric.  Just a few weeks ago we found beautiful inspiration in a bag of jellybeans! 

Combo Mambo  

Get a little crazy.  You don’t have to limit your color combination to the typical two colors.  A compilation of colors is stunning.  See previous jellybean comment as an example, or think about a coastal sunset with its pinks, oranges, golds, and blues.  Or should I say Cayenne, Celestial Orange, Freesia, and Dazzling Blue.

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