Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesdays Intros

Hey there, Studio DBI fans!  I’m Stephanie, the Head Planner/Coordinator here at DBI.  I am super excited because, aside from my event coordinating and planning duties, I get to start make a weekly contribution to the Studio DBI blog.  All hail, Wedding Wednesdays! (insert trumpet sound here). With Wedding Wednesdays, I will touch on all things wedding . . . . . including, but not limited to: locations, design, and etiquette (oh, my!).  Be sure to check in every Wednesday for the latest and greatest in wedding ideas and info.
A little introduction about myself:  I’m a DC area transplant that hails from Dallas, TX.  In my spare time, I enjoy lying back with my husband and our bulldog out on the deck or up on the rooftop of a local restaurant. Rumor has it I’m oddly organized, and looking for any excuse to throw a great party. 
I’ve been with Studio DBI for almost 1 year, and I l-o-v-e a fabulous wedding! I truly enjoy working with couples to make their wedding an unbelievably special event.  I think it’s great when couples bring their own uniquely fun ideas to the table, and eagerly accept the challenge to help their wedding vision come to fruition.  I’m thrilled to be adding to this blog, and look forward to many great things with Studio DBI.
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