Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Finding the Right Vendor

We continue Wedding Week with finding the right vendor. Vendors play such an significant role in your planning process - they are essentially responsible for making sure your event runs smoothly. So how do you find the right vendor that not only gets you but that you can also trust with your big day? It's all about research, asking the right questions, and clicking. Here are a few areas to focus on:
STYLE Check out the vendor's portfolio. With catering schedule a tasting or attend an event they're catering - look out for flavors and presentation. With a vendor like photography check out their previous work - a photographer might be skilled but if he or she doesn't shoot in the style that you relate with you will never be happy with the end result.
REPUTATION Reviews will give you a really good idea of what you can expect from a vendor. Websites like weddingwire and yelp
do a great job at filtering fake reviews, and who better to hear from than past clients? Never be afraid to ask to for additional referrals (or to even speak with previous clients). Another great place for referrals? Ask the vendors you've already booked and have enjoyed working with - chances are they surround themselves with those similar to them in work style.
CONSULT QUESTIONS You should take your vendor consultations as an interview, because that's essentially what it is. Ask your vendors the tough questions - have they worked at your venue? How many weddings do they do per day? Who will be working your actual wedding? Will lighting impact any of the end results (e.g. photography, videography, flowers)? How those vendors answer these questions will help you narrow down your selections. 
COMPATIBILITY Just like with your significant other, bestie, or professional interaction, when you click you click. This also applies to vendors. Book those you'll have fun working with and have your working style - you're planning a big party after all :)

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