Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Pros of Rehearsal Dinners

Rehearsal Dinners are a great way to start catching up with your wedding guests. Usually, these dinners are a little more intimate, but that doesn't mean they're just for eating a meal. Use rehearsal dinners to do whatever you don't have the time for during the actual wedding, like speeches. Let's say your wedding party and family are all dying to speak (can you feel the love?) - use rehearsal dinner as this opportunity. Nothing is worst than ongoing speeches at the actual wedding. Your guests get bored and there's less time for dancing and celebrating. Also, those embarrassing moments shared by the speech-givers are probably best left in the company of those closest to the two of you...am I right?

Rehearsal dinners are also a fantastic opportunity to execute a totally different creative vision from the actual wedding. If you're like me, you have problems limiting yourself to just one wedding vision, so why not do your rehearsal dinner completely differently? A recent DBI couple decided on a berry-tone elegant wedding, full of whimsical touches (remember the huge poppies?). However, for their rehearsal dinner they requested a Southwestern-inspired design full of succulents, proteas, and rocks (pictures below). With two different designs their guests were continuously surprised and it allowed the couple to live out two different visions.

Additionally, because rehearsal dinners are usually smaller than the wedding, they give you a chance to focus on the details that would either be too time-consuming or not budget-friendly for a full wedding. Favors, printed materials (place cards, menus), and unique centerpieces are all a go for rehearsal dinners, so don't forget these when talking to your stationary designer or florist. 

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