Monday, March 25, 2013

Boutons de Manchette - aka Cuff Links

Since the 1500s, the fashion world has enjoyed cuff links thanks to Louis XIV. The types and styles have changed with the fashion eras but one thing remains the same, they are a sign of style and class. They can be worn with single or double-length French cuffs and can be assembled in barrel or, the more popular, kissing style.

Regardless of your industry, there are usually some occasions you could sport a nice set. Professionally, I generally reserve my cuff links for those days when I know I’m having an important meeting. Double win if it is an introductory meeting. Personally, I’ll jazz up an outfit for date night with a pair from Links of London or my grandfather’s monogrammed set from the 1940s (yes, they are in great shape and timelessly fashionable).

Although you can spend an arm and a leg on cuff links, you can also outfit your wardrobe with some staple sets starting around $20.00. I recommend acquiring both timeless and trendy sets to suit your personality. You can get everything from USB drive cuff links (for the techies) to a butterfly knife set (for the ninjas). They also make fantastic groomsmen gifts.

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