Thursday, January 17, 2013

Upgraded Buffets - A Tip for Your Wedding Planning

Buffet or sit-down dinner? Does this question sound familiar? If you are at the beginning stages of planning your wedding this is something you are thinking about. There are many things to take into account - cost, food selection, flow of the event, etc. Many of you have probably considered buffets because of how much variety you can provide your guests, not to mention the cost savings of avoiding a plated dinner. But, at the same time, many of you shy away from this option because you don't want your guests carrying their own plates and you were envisioning a more elegant affair. Well, we have a solution for you - why not have a waiters waiting at the end of the buffet to escort your guests to their table AND carry their plates for them. This option allows your guest the variety and provides a touch of elegance! Voila - an upgraded buffet.

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