Thursday, December 13, 2012

You're Engaged - What Now?

We are currently at the height of engagement season - majority of the couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. If you are one of the lucky couples who gets engaged during this Holiday Season you might be wondering "what's next?". First, congrats and enjoy with your loved ones!

Next, it's time to start planning. The first step in planning is deciding on a budget - this will guide EVERYTHING (venue, guest count, type of cuisine, etc). Just like any big financial purchase you need to know the parameters you're working with.

Next, prioritize what is most important to the two of you. Create a full list of everything you'll need and start numbering beginning with top priority - is it accommodating all of mom's invites? Is it food? Music?

After you have your list, check out this budget allocation on Project Wedding to give you a sense on average how a wedding budget breaks down. This breakdown will most likely not align with your prioritization chart 100% but that is why your priorities are YOUR priorities. If you must have an abundance of flowers then you might have to move part of your lower priority's budget to flowers. It's a balancing game - just like your checkbook. And to really keep track of your budget head on over to Real Simple and print their Wedding Budget Worksheet.

As you start researching your vendors remember one thing - have a good time. You are essentially planning a big dinner party with all of your family and friends, so no reason to cry or get stressed out. And if you do feel overwhelmed? Hire a wedding consultant - we throw awesome "dinner" parties.

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