Friday, December 28, 2012

How To Updated 2012 Flower Trends We're Sick Of

While 2012 had a few good wedding trends, it also had many no-so-good trends. Today we're going to give you some pointers on how to update these trends for 2013/14.

Corsages: if the women in your wedding party are not too keen on corsages one of my favorite alternative options is providing the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc with a posy to replace the corsage. A posy is small enough where the women won't feel like BMs but enough to highlight the woman holding them as important. Additionally, a large single bloom works as well (peony, hydrangea, dahlia).
Submerged Florals: a simple update is removing water from the vessels (which at the same time removes the floating candle element). By removing water from the vases you can now virtually put any greenery/flower inside the container (water submersion limits the types of flowers that can go in the container). This creates a modern terrarium look and adds a twist to a simple flower arrangement. Anywhere way to spruce up this look is to bring in a height element to balance out all the submerged flower containers. 
Tall Ridiculous Centerpieces:
some large venues require some sort of height element but who said this had to be on the reception tables? How about suspending something over the tables rather than placing a piece directly on top? We did this for a May wedding - we suspended custom glass globe/fresh flower chandeliers over the tables (image above). These added a unique element to the wedding - and they were definitely a conversation starter.

Do you have questions about how to update a trend from 2012 in your 2013 wedding? Shoot us an email and we'll blog about it.

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