Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spooky Halloween Weddings...Part 3

Happy Halloween! We’ve saved the number #1 reason as to why Halloween weddings rock and that is decor. With so many options a great place to start is with pumpkins. These can be great for either continuing with a spooky theme or to incorporate something sweeter like your monogram (so chic!), silhouettes of lovers, or even a heart
Every evening wedding, especially a Halloween wedding, needs candles! Their flickering light will add a bit of mystery and give the wedding solemnity. Incorporate antique chandeliers to really enhance the theme.

Don’t forget to incorporate pumpkin flavors to your food and drink and don’t be afraid (pun intended!) to “Monster Mash” on the dance floor. 
Believe me, a Halloween-themed wedding can be not only intimidating, but also stylish and beautiful…So would you dare to get married on the scariest day of the year?

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