Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Real BBQ Celebration

     While majority of our clients tend to be wedding couples here and there I get the pleasure of designing other life celebrations. This past Labor Day I was hired to design a BBQ celebrating a PhD and to be honest, I was uberly excited from the start. The client sent me the invitation (that turns out she designed...umm yea...I'm lucky with clients) as a point of inspiration and from there we designed a stylish bbq that accommodated the kiddies as well as adult fun time. We achieved this by creating several distinct space - a kids zone, a "neutral" area (think food station), and an adult area (think drink station). Oh, and did I mention that Hurricane Isaac decided to come through? We had to scram and move majority of the party indoors - 60 people. It was still a lot of fun!


We dressed up the seating tables with herbs in terra cotta pots, mason jars holding utensils, and wooden crates.

All of the herbs provided a lovely aroma.

Chalkboard menu and directional signs added to the outdoor decor. 

we made custom stenciled flag garlands for various areas

We covered the kids table in craft paper, allowing them to go crazy with drawing directly on the table and eating messy. We also provided toys, coloring books, and crayons in wooden crates, to tie the overall decor theme.

Thanks to Chris Borales for the great shots! Check out his blog at

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