Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY Style Tip: Latex Paint

Happy Wedding Wednesday Everyone! One thing we LOVE being able to do at DBI Events is recycle and reuse! Latex paint is the perfect solution for reusable vases, and so easy to use! All you need is a clear glass vase, and a can of latex paint. (That’s right, no paintbrush required!) Simply pour the paint color of your choice into the inside of the vase. Swirl the vase around until the paint has a full, even coat throughout the inside layer. Ta-Da! You have a fresh, new look on what once was a typical glass vase. The best part is, once you have finished using that color, you can peel the paint right off, making that same vase reusable for multiple colors and projects. 

Check out these vases we painted for a black and white wedding at the W Hotel. The first photo shows the vases before we added the color! Check out Procopio's Photography photo's for some fantastic shots of the end result.  The fun shapes paired with the traditional look of black and white created a perfect blend of classic style with a bit of a modern twist. 

The next time you’re looking to spruce up your décor; find a vase that you love, and re-create the look of it to match any arrangement, style and season. Latex paint makes it easy AND affordable.

Until next time!
Sarah Marie, DBI Events Intern

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  1. Just in time for #CTWW!! Reduce your footprint by recycling