Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DIY Tuesday: Christmas Countdown Calendar

We've got another holiday DIY project for you this rainy Tuesday! Here's a modern twist on the holiday advent calendar.

We found this little project via Country Living. It turned out to be ridiculously inexpensive and very simple to make, and would be a great project for doing with kids. It's really easy to personalize and could be easily altered for other celebration countdowns, like kids' birthdays.

Materials Needed:
-25 small matchboxes, matches removed (found near the grilling supplies in the grocery store)
-5 sheets of patterned paper, each in a different pattern
-Pen or marker or number stamps
-Glue Gun
-Small individually wrapped candy
-Optional: Scrapbooking elements, like stickers

1) Label the "drawer" of each matchbox, 1-25. Make sure the box is vertical before labeling.
2) Glue boxes #1-9, #10-16, #17-21, #22-24 together. Don't glue #25 to anything.
3) Wrap each glued "tier" in a different type of paper. You only need the top and sides to be wrapped. It doesn't take much hot glue to glue the paper to the boxes.
4) Glue tiers to each other in ascending order, #1-9 on the bottom with #10-16 glued to it and so on. Glue #25 to the top.
5) You can accent #25 with scrapbooking elements, stickers, etc. to make it stand apart a bit.
6) Fill each drawer with a treat!

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