Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ten Tips For Easy Thanksgiving Entertaining


Thanksgiving is only a week away, so today we're bringing you some simple entertaining tips we've come up with for throwing a great Thanksgiving feast, or any dinner party. Planning ahead will help you stay organized so you can actually enjoy the day alongside your guests!

1) Shop early
There's nothing worse than going to the store the day before Thanksgiving to find that half the ingredients you need for your meal are sold out.

2) Prepare your fridge
Clean out the fridge in the days before Thanksgiving to make room for the meal prep and leftovers.

3) Have appetizers ready
This will keep guests happy and prevent them getting anxious while waiting for the real meal to begin.

4) Plan fun table decor
Whether simple or formal, putting a little extra thought into your table decor will really set the tone for your dinner experience as a special occasion and puts everyone in the holiday mood.

5) Consider using place cards
If you're planning for lots of guests, keep things easy by using place cards for seating.

6) Have a kids table
Put younger kids together for the meal and prep for messes. They'll have much more fun and parents will be able to relax and enjoy the adult company more.

7) Plan for your food presentation
A buffet is definitely the easiest way to go. Think through what the dishes will be served in ahead of time.

8) Use labels
Label the dishes so it's easy for guests to select what they'd like to eat.

9) Have multiple sets of condiments at the table
To avoid the "can you pass the..." question, have things like salt and pepper and cranberry sauce placed in several places on the table.

10) Have plenty of to-go containers on hand
This is an easy way to share leftovers with guests as they're leaving.

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