Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY Tuesday: Holiday Yarn Wreath

We came across this Christmas wreath tutorial and thought we'd give it a try. It turned out to be really simple (though it takes a bit of time to complete). It's fairly inexpensive and is the perfect project for doing in front of the TV.

Materials Needed:
-Straw Wreath (available in the floral dept. of craft stores)
-1 skein of yarn
-Several sheets of felt
-Hot glue gun

For the wreath:
1) Leave the wreath wrapped in the plastic it comes in. This makes it easier to wrap the yarn around it. Wrap a piece of yarn around the wreath and tie it in a knot on the back side of the wreath.

2) Continue wrapping the yarn around the wreath until it is completely covered. Keep each piece close to the previous one, wrapping tightly. It won't be wrapped perfectly evenly, but this doesn't affect the overall look. Tie off the final wrapped piece in a knot.

For the flowers:
1) Cut a circle out of felt (bigger circle=bigger flower. Half of the felt sheet makes a flower several inches wide). Cut around the edge of the circle, making a waved look. Pick any point on the edge of your circle and cut in about an inch. Continue cutting it into a large spiral shape, ending up with a long strip of felt. At the end, leave a small oval.

2) Roll up the felt, starting at the point you started cutting the strip. Roll tightly in the beginning to keep it together, but you can loosen your rolling a bit as you go to create a more open-looking flower. Glue the back of the spiral onto the small oval that was leftover.

3) Glue the flowers to the wreath and add extra embellishments like felt leaves if you'd like.

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