Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DIY Tuesday: Paper Flower Garland

Here's an easy DIY project we found via the adorable kids' party blog Hip Hip Hooray.

Try making a collection of these paper flower garlands in different sizes or colors (or even use patterned tissue paper) and string them at different heights. They'd be a fun, whimsical addition to bridal or baby shower decor.

Materials needed:
-Tissue Paper

How to:
1) Draw 3" (or larger) circles on tissue paper. It's easiest to use something round as a stencil, like a drinking glass, to draw the circles. Cut out the circles.
2) Layer 3 circles on top of each other. Then fold this in half and twist it so it stays together.
3) "Poof" the layers to create a flowery look.
4) Use a needle and thread to string the flowers into a garland.


  1. There were numerous paper garlands at our Oct 8th wedding!

  2. Super Cute Brittany! and super cute blog!! you are so creative