Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Lets Talk Beauty!

On today's Wedding Wednesday we're talking all about beauty vendors. We've had an opportunity to meet the ladies of Silver Immersion and these gals know what they're talking about when it comes to wedding day hair and makeup! We asked them to give us a little insight on how to choose the right beauty vendor. Check out the interview below!

DBI Events: When should a bride start looking for her beauty vendors?
Erica Cote (SI): Start to look for your vendors at least 6-8 months out....earlier for peak wedding season times like June and September. This will ensure that you're more likely to get what you want. For example, a bride booking in December for June is more likely to be able to book us for hair and makeup, where a September bride booking in June may only be able to book us for makeup if all of our hair artists are already booked. If you pick a "trendy" day like 6-7-08, start trying to book at least 8 months out. Those days always book up quick!

DBI Events: What questions should a bride ask when meeting with her beauty vendors?
Erica Cote (SI):
1) Do you have any photos of your work available that I can see? Website or 3rd party site like Wedding Wire or
2) Do you have reviews from past clients?
3) What is your current pricing?
4) What is your booking process? Do you hold dates and if so what will reserve that for me prior to the trial?
5) What is your payment schedule, and what forms of payment do you take? There is nothing more nightmarish to a vendor than the possibility of bounced checks and the stress that comes with fixing the issue. Many vendors require payments to be made prior to the services date if you use methods other than cash to eliminate those kinds of issues, but check with each company individually for their policies (read your contracts....most issues like these have the stipulations listed).
6) Do you travel? When you get your answer, keep in mind that when you decide to get married on that gorgeous farm 2 hours away from civilization (quite a few of the companies you're considering are located near metropolitan areas) that you'll probably have to pay a travel fee to get them there.
7) When should I book a trial?
8) How long does a trial take?

DBI Events: What should a bride bring to her trial?
Erica Cote (SI): We have a high volume of brides that come in for trials, so we book them based on appointments. Some come in with photo and veil in hand ready to go....others are a little more undecided who their bridal persona really is. So keep in mind that you are working with a set amount of time for a basic trial. Feeling undecided and really just need us to help clear up some of the bridal beauty fog? No prob....just let us know and we can discuss your options to have a longer trial scheduled so you can have our stylists discuss any and every possibility that your heart desires!

DBI Events: Is there anything else you think is important for a bride to know when going into her consultation?
Erica Cote (SI): Alert your stylists to any issues like allergies, skin conditions(scars, port wine, etc.) and any other topics which can help them to best serve you and your specific needs.

Thanks Erica for taking the time to education our readers and hopefully make their wedding planning a bit easier! Check out some of Silver Immersion's amazing work below and click here to visit their blog!!

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