Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tradition Thursday: Wedding Money Dances

Money dances are a popular wedding reception tradition in multiple cultures, where guests give the bride and groom money for their honeymoon or to set up their home.

The Polish money dance tradition, or Pani Mloda, is said to have originated in early 1900s. After the couples' first dance, the wedding guests line up for a chance to dance with the bride and place money in a purse she carries for the dance or an apron she wears over her dress.

In Mexico, relatives pin money to the bride and groom and take turns dancing with them, a chance for the couple to spend a few moments of the reception with family. After the dance, the groom is given an apron and broom, and tossed in the air by his groomsmen while wearing the bride's veil.

In Filipino weddings, guests "rain" good fortune upon the bride and groom by pinning money on them while male guests dance with the bride and female guests dance with the groom.

In Nigerian weddings, special guests at the wedding are "sprayed" with money as a bill is placed on their heads. Because the bride gets "sprayed" so much, someone stands near her with a box to collect the money.

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