Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Plantable Favors

Plant favors are a wedding favor trend we've been seeing a lot of and really love... because they're plants, of course! They're perfect for a garden or outdoor wedding. And they give guests something they can actually take home and enjoy for a bit, and serve as a great memory of your wedding day.

These favors serve several purposes- a centerpiece, a menu and a favor. The pots are not only pretty and modern, but feature herbs the guests can take home, and have the reception menu printed on the front.

These personalized seed packet favors look great hanging from a clothesline at a reception. They're not only a favor, but a fun design element.

We handed out these herb favors at my wedding in February. Made from seeded paper, guests just plant the paper in small pots and herbs grow! And from what I've heard from guests, they grow like crazy.

These favors contain lily bulbs for guests to plant and enjoy a couple months later.

These tiny Echeveria succulents make great favors because they're so easy to care for. Even guests without green thumbs should be able to keep them alive. And they look so beautiful displayed in groupings like this!

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