Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DIY Tuesday: Paper Wrapped Vases

We saw these gorgeous vases on the lovely blog, iDiY and just had to share!

This simple project can add a little interest to any old vase. They're so pretty, they could even stand on their own in a grouping on a bookshelf without any flowers, or would look great with a bouquet of handmade paper flowers. They would also be beautiful with a votive candle.

Here's some pretty paper examples we found. Beautiful handmade and decorative papers can be found in most craft stores and from tons of online retailers. Just remember, the paper is on the inside of your vase, so using fresh flowers and water won't work.

Here's the tutorial:

1. Measure and cut paper (thin, handmade paper is probably best) to the right height for your tall, straight-sided glass with an exact-o knife or scissors. You can leave the top edge irregular or straight.

2. Thoroughly paint the back side of your paper with white glue or Mod Podge (an acrylic decoupage medium you can find at craft stores). Make sure your adhesive goes all the way to the edge.

3. Smooth the paper around the vase, pressing firmly to remove air bubbles. Allow to dry completely before using.


  1. I love to cover plain glass vases with pretty paper. This also works great for glass jar candles. The paper makes a beautiful glow when it's illuminated.