Friday, May 6, 2011

Making Mom feel special on your wedding day

In honor of Mother's Day, we thought we'd share a few ideas for how you can make your mom feel loved and appreciated on your wedding day. Since a wedding day is a such a bittersweet occasion for parents, why not show your mom some special attention on your big day?

Flowers, of course!

A custom arrangement of her favorite flowers would be a nice surprise for Mom to find in her hotel room or at home before the wedding. It's just another touch that would make her feel involved and is something she could still enjoy for a few days after all the celebrations end.

Here's one we designed today for a mother of a bride...


You could give your mom a special piece of jewelry, whether it's one that coordinates with her wedding-day outfit or serves as a reminder of the day after it's over.

A locket is a great sentimental choice and instead of putting a picture inside, you could instead include a handwritten note, something she'll treasure long after the wedding.

Customized and personalized jewelry abounds these days and you could always give her a monogrammed piece or even something that displays something important to the two of you, like your relationship or a hobby you share.



A few tears are nearly a guarantee on the big day, so give Mom something to dry her eyes with. A beautiful, vintage hanky, monogrammed with her initial would be a great choice.

Some post-wedding pampering

After all the planning is over and the day ends, you could thank Mom for all her help with the gift of relaxation, such as gift certificate for spa treatment or massage.

Happy Mother's Day!

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