Monday, May 16, 2011

"Flower" Food

Hello - hope everyone had a great weekend!

Although here in the District we've had nothing but rain all weekend I strongly believe that summer is almost here :) The best part of summer (for me at least) is outdoor entertaining. This week we'll be bringing you tips on how to prepare for this social season and incorporate flowers.

Today's topic: "Flower" Food.

During the summer we are lucky to have plenty of fresh produce. With so many fabulous and readily available ingredients one can't help but make salads. Tired of your everyday arugula, spinach, or Caesar salad? At the next party how about wowing your guests by adding edible flowers to your salad. Flowers such as nasturtiums are perfect for summer salads - they add a delicate, piquant flavor. And not to mention beautiful, bright color!

Borage flowers and geranium leaves are fantastic for creating a sweet fragrant atmosphere. Use either to decorate melon and you'll forget about scented candles.

I can't wait to add these beautiful bold colors to my dishes!

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  1. Thanks for the great tips! Flowers make everything happier!